New Skills

Always on the look out to add to my skill base, it is good when the opportunity arises to actually be able to do so – recently I’ve been tasked with getting some information from various websites for a client – this has been referred to as “screen scraping” but the reality is that there is a significant amount of analysis required to understand the coding behind a web page – and then to extract the data from it. ¬†Building on the back of that, I’ve also learnt to automatically push buttons on websites – which makes some data entry jobs which used to be time-consuming and error prone much simpler – press a button, the system gets on with it and you can do other more productive things (or as I think lots of people do, watch in wonder as your web browser does all the work without you lifting a finger!)

Additonally, I’ve been asked to extract data from Outlook emails – this was always something I knew how to do, but again it has made a data job much simpler – worth bearing in mind if you come up with such a problem – let me know and we can discuss!

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