Case Studies

Case Studies

Magicians Database

Client had a need to store data around bookings in a
database.  This needed to interface with
Outlook to produce calendar entries and with Word to produce confirmation
documents.  The system needed to be easy
to use so that any family member could update records if required.  This system has been made freely available to
the magic community and is explained here

Work in Progress system

With limited time available, a system had to be designed for
a large UK insurance company which would enable work to be logged and
monitored, and be able to produce weekly performance reports.  It needed to be flexible so that it could be
rolled out to any team that needed the system with the minimum of
rewriting.  Target time for delivery was
one month, and the system was delivered within half that time, and remained in
use with only minor modifications (which were due to improvements suggested by
users) until the company standardised systems across sites.  The history and original system is documented

Holiday Planning system

Due to a change of reporting year from one based on the
actual calendar to one based on the individual employee’s date of birth, a
system was needed to store and monitor absences – built totally in Excel (with
a data backup to a text file) the system remained the system of choice for many
managers even after the company reverted back to calendar year.  The file is available for use here.